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Vitamin biosynthesis as a tool to understand the chemistry of the microbial world

The focus of our laboratory is to explore the vast chemical space that exists within biological systems, especially in the microbial world, using the tools of mechanistic enzymology, analytical chemistry, and genetics.

Microbes have evolved for billions of years to thrive in varied environmental niches and conditions. Their evolution is accompanied by a staggering range of diverse metabolic reactions and the production of a rich repertoire of biomolecules, thus enabling their survival. Hazra lab wishes to investigate the genetic pathways and molecular and enzymatic mechanisms involved in the metabolism and the cross-talk within microbial systems.

What's new

Manab Mandal joins the lab as a summer project student. Welcome!

Aditya defended his MS thesis titled, ‘Exploring the nucleotide promiscuity of Escherichia coli methionine adenosyltransferase mutants’. Congratulations!

Rohan defended his MS thesis titled, ‘Structural redesign of riboflavin kinases from bacteria and archaea for altered nucleobase specificity' Congratulations!


BSMS student Gayathri Murali joined the lab for a summer project. Welcome, Gayathri!


BSMS student Shashank Verma joined the lab for a summer project. Welcome, Shashank!


New paper: 'Ateek, Yashwant, Rohan and Amrita's work ''Efficient Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis of FAD nucleobase analogues and their analysis as enzyme cofactors'' is published in ChemBioChem! Moreover, it was picked to be featured on ChemBioTalents 2022-23!  Do check the paper here! Congratulations Ateek, Yashwant, Rohan, and Amrita!


 Ateek gave a successful Pre-synopsis seminar. Congratulations, Ateek!


 New preprint on bioRxiv! Read about our work on efficient chemical and enzymatic synthesis of FAD nucleobase analogues and their analysis as enzyme cofactors  Congratulations Ateek, Yashwant, Rohan, and Amrita!


BSMS student Anjali Pattathil joined the lab for a semester project. Welcome, Anjali!


Congratulations Yamini, on an excellent thesis defense, and many thanks to everyone who enabled this!

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